Heronsgate School, Lichfield Down, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7BW

We are very grateful for the close working relationship that we enjoy with the team at Heronsgate School. To find out more about the school and the wonderful things that they do please visit: http://heronsgate.org.uk/

Directions for our Visitors

Lichfield Down can be reached from the V10 grid road (Brickhill Street) between the H9 (Groveway) and the H10(Bletcham Way)

Walton MK FC look forward to seeing you at our forthcoming fixture. We would be grateful if you could share the following information with your players and supporters ahead of your visit. Thank you for your help.

Parking: There is limited parking available at the venue. Further parking is available at the shopping centre opposite the school. Please do not park on the grass inside the school grounds or on the verges outside of the entrance.
Toilets: There are no toilet facilities at this venue.
Dogs: No dogs are allowed at this venue.
Smoking: No smoking is allowed at this venue.
Litter: Please take all litter away with you when you leave the venue.
Mud: Please remove any mud from boots from the car park and surrounding footpaths.
Adventure Playground: Please do not use the adventure playground in the school grounds (we are not insured to use this).

Please click here for our Venue Guide-Heronsgate School.