As a community club who are reliant on volunteers giving up their time to help run our individual teams as well as the overall operation, the relationship that we have with our parents and carers is vital to our success. The huge majority of our managers, coaches, helpers and committee members are drawn from our parent population and without them there would be no Walton MK FC.

Our parents can play an active part in supporting the club through the following;

* Encourage your child to have a positive attitude towards their team and their club and is respectful of their coaches, team mates, opponents and officials;
* Ensuring that you child has the right kit and equipment for training and matches i.e. appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather and ground conditions, shin pads and water to rehydrate;
* Helping set goals for your child that are not just about winning and losing but about how they can improve as a footballer;
* Being supportive and encouraging but not coaching – that’s what our coaches are for;
* Helping make involvement in the game fun and something that they look forward to doing;
* Supporting and praising your child regardless of team or individual results or performances. Encourage them to be the best player that they can be;
* Working with our coaches and managers to encourage the very highest levels of behaviour both at training and during matches;
* Signing up to the Walton MK FC Code of Conduct. This document should be signed by the player and their parent(s) or carer(s) at the start of every season.

We have prepared the Walton MK FC Parents Guide 2017-18 which contains some useful information about our club and how we operate.

Additionally, for parents and carers that are new to football and local football clubs, the experience can sometimes be quite daunting. With this in mind please see our New Parent Q&A to help you understand what to expect.

Of course, you may wish to become actively involved in the club. We are always looking to add to our team management and coaching pool as well as adding to the team that help run the club. If you have a skill set and some spare time to help us, please speak to the relevant team manager or any of our Club Officials.

We would encourage all of our Parents and Carers to act as a positive influence in terms of behaviour and attitude towards football. The FA Respect Guide reaches out to all parents and carers to set a positive example. We would ask that all of our parents and carers review and understand the focus and needs of this programme.