Walton MK FC have teams for players aged between 5 and 18. This age range encompasses two main groups of teams: Juniors, Youths. The three groups are represented by 12 individual football teams in total.

Junior Teams are for players aged from 5 to 11 years. Teams belong to the Milton Keynes District Junior Sevens (MKDJ7) League. All matches are played on a Saturday morning. Junior football provides a non-competitive football environment for age groups 7 to 9 (no results or league tables are published). The older age groups do play competitive football. Southside offers small-sided (5-a-side) football for age groups 7 to 8, and mainstream (7-a-side) football for age groups 9 to 11 In addition, the club offers optional 9-a-side football for age groups 10 to 12.

Youth Teams are for players aged between 12 and 16. Youth teams play in the Milton Keynes and Border Counties Youth League. They play 11-a-side matches on a Sunday morning for age groups U12 to U14, and on Sunday afternoons for U15 and above. Games are fully competitive, and all teams play in league and cup games, with promotion and relegation. U11’s and U12’s do grading matches at the start of the season for league division allocation. Matches conform to all FA regulations with any exceptions defined on the League website.

If you would like to get involved with Walton MK FC as a player, you can contact an appropriate Manager using the contact details found on each team’s page, or the club’s Secretary. Check the school age if you are in doubt about the correct age group.